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Our workshop provides a clean and efficient purpose designed operating environment for our extensive range of 14 CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS and 5 CNC TURNING machines. To complement this we have a comprehensive range of conventional equipment for Milling, Sawing, Drilling, Tapping and Surface Finishing. For full range see our Capacity list

PRECISION ENGINEERS - Solving your component sourcing problems

From small complex optical microscope components, to large train parts. From 1 off prototypes to large batch production. We have vast experience in producing an extensive variety of components for a wide range of industries from many differing materials such as Plastics, Aluminium, Brass, Steel, Stainless and Titanium. Whatever your requirements, we are confident we will be able to assist, call our Precision engineers to help you solve your component sourcing problems.

CAD - CAM & 3D MODELS - Reducing programming errors

Using the latest CAD CAM software, we are able to accept your CAD data & 3D MODELS in various forms :dxf, iges, step, sldprt, etc. With full off-line programming capabilities including 3D machining together with full DNC Linkage to all our machines, saving time and reducing programming errors.

SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION - Saves you time and money

Many components require several differing sub-contract operations before the final article is complete Such as ANODISING, PLATING, PAINTING, HEAT TREATMENT

At Kadel we have realised that having the ability to take the job on and then give it back 'complete' is a vital part of the service, and we are happy to offer our customers a 'single source solution'.To enable us to do this we have built up strong relationships with tried and tested suppliers who we know we can trust, even with the most critical of components.


ASSEMBLIES and KITS - Make your life easy

We can make life easy and offer significant savings by supplying sub-assemblies or Kits of parts. This approach offers the advantage of reducing customers management and procurement resources and save administration of lots of orders. Packaging is also kept to a minimum and re-used saving time and the environment.

PROTOTYPES - Helping you to design 'cost out'

We can offer a rapid response to producing any prototypes. This enables us to offer design input from a manufacturing and production prospective. This ensures the part is cost effective to manufacture and help to design 'cost out' at an early stage.

ENGRAVING - Stand out from the crowd

With the aid of our computer software we can engrave LOGOS, TEXT, or Part Numbers onto your parts. We can achieve this on both flat surfaces and outside diameters. This professional look can be used for advertising or part marking for traceability or re-ordering purposes.

QUALITY - We strive to ensure your parts are correct

Quality is of paramount importance to Kadel Engineering - it is the foundation that our business and reputation are built upon. We take every precaution to make sure every component is produced to customer requirements.

It is the policy and overall business objective to provide services of the highest quality and in compliance with our customers specified requirements. We strive to consistently deliver quality products to our Customers on time and without error.

Kadel is ISO 9001:2015 Registered